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About Alan Bradburn

They say the strongest and most successful businesses have their roots in family and inherited skills that are handed down through generations. Al-terations is no exception. Through a love and understanding of woodworking fostered by his grandfather, Alan has combined that skill with a natural love of problem solving and innovating as well as creativity. The result is a solution orientated, dynamic business based not only on carpentry principles but all principles and skills necessary to manufacture the ideal product and get the job done.

This has been fine-tuned over the last ten years. From humble beginnings in a borrowed workshop space and on his own steam, Alan has added to his skill set and in so doing has grown Al-terations over those ten years into a multi-faceted service and solutions provider with a ten staff compliment of skilled carpenters, welders and technicians.

In addition, much focus has been placed on continued modernization and progressively and constantly moving with the times as well as the changing needs of core clients and key industries.

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